Nor Cal

Sacramento, North Bay, San Francisco, Santa Cruz

Northern California (lovingly referred to as NorCal) is a robust, vibrant region for Shakti Rising (read our Herstory here). NorCal pulses with the movement of transformation, the flow of services, and the radiance of devotion. At the heart of NorCal, in Sacramento, sits Casa Luna y Lobos, the home of Shakti Rising’s Leadership. About a hundred miles to the West, Shakti Feminine University rises out of Sebastapol. These two physical hubs provide a powerful anchoring for the organization and the people we serve.

Shakti Rising Leadership House

Casa Luna y Lobos

NorCal Regional Guardians dreamt of the home, and in a synchronicity of divine forces, the vision became manifest in the form of Casa Luna y Lobos—the official Shakti Rising leadership house.

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The house serves as a centralized container for Shakti Rising’s Leadership Team, as well as a home for some of our current leaders. At Casa Luna, Shakti leaders gather, teach, and learn together, cultivating our collective leadership strengths. We also work our magik and serve our community from this blessed space.

Visit Casa Luna to partake in a range of classes, workshops, gatherings, and various healing modalities. (Full Regional Calendar // Local Class Calendar.)

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Casa Luna also houses a powerful program called Wolves & Waterways, a residential immersion, in which women come to live in the house to hone their leadership skills. This intensive program is custom designed especially for each Wolf, to guide their unique development as a feminine leader.

 Casa Luna y Lobos vibrates with life and love and seva. Although there are times of quiet serenity in the house, she constantly pulses with love, wonder, and the healing potency of Shakti.

 We invite you to come visit! Twice a month we open our home for Garden Workdays, and Community Brunches (check our calendar for upcoming events). You are welcome to drop in and feel the magic! Throughout the space, you can experience the fundamental aspects of Shakti Rising, from the beautility of the rooms, adorned with evocative sacred artwork, to the open kitchen, and the many altars, and self-care stations. In the parlors, you can dive deep into feminine wisdom through many forms of knowledge, or learn about Shakti NorCal’s upcoming classes and events. Or you may just find yourself on a comfy couch, basking in the energy. In the kitchen, you can enjoy a hot cup of tea with one of the residents, or take a stroll through the backyard garden project.

Our Leadership Team invites you to come visit Casa Luna y Lobos! Experience the vitality and enthusiasm of NorCal! We look forward to your presence…

Waiting With Love,

Your Regional Leaders


Shakti Feminine University Hub

Shakti Feminine University now has a dedicated site in Sebastapol! More to share soon… for now, check out some of the phenomenal programs SFU offers, like our Embodied Wisdom Teacher Training.

NorCal Regional Leadership Team

Meet the local team...

Click to read about each of our NorCal Leaders!

Chelsea Cotton ( - Lady of Devotional Leadership; Guardian & Leader of NorCal
Angie Hensley ( - Priestess of Psyche; Transformational Recovery Director; NorCal Leader
Eden Trenor ( - Dep. Headmistress, Shakti Feminine University; NorCal Leader

Michaela Daystar ( - Regional Master Teacher; Shakti Feminine University Coordinator; NorCal Leader

Lauren Mellone - Queen of the Inbetween; Facilitator; NorCal Leader

Marcela Veron - Directors Circle; NorCal Leader                                                 

Gypsy Andrews - NorCal Leader     

Alex Williams - Creatress of Joy & Embodied Gratitude; NorCal Leader

Jordan Stanton - Regional Master Teacher

Megan Morgan - Regional Master Teacher 

Jessica Vargas - NorCal Leader                                                    

NorCal Class Calendar

NorCal Event Calendar

NorCal Region Herstory

In 2009 Shakti came to the San Francisco Bay Area, in hopes to collaborate and build partnerships with other organizations that were doing powerful work and help support and create a stronger thriving community. The longer Shakti was in the Bay, the more we discovered that although important work was being done, no organizations were bringing community buildingwomen's work and transformational leadership development melded together in one model from the root up. Shakti had something different to offer that was needed, and due to the regional landscape and diverse populations, sectors, universities, research and more, Nor Cal has enabled Shakti to foster and forward our most advanced leadership programs. It has become Shakti's incubation lab for the formalization of our leadership development services.

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We are the ones we have been waiting for

-june jordan-

Since 2009, we have expanded our services and partnerships to include a network of micro-regions including Sacramento, North Bay, San Francisco, East Bay, and Santa Cruz largely due to a passionate and committed tribe of women who are bringing forth Shakti's work into their lives, businesses, families, and communities.

In Spring 2018, we launched 2 new locations in Nor Cal: Casa Luna Y Lobos in Sacramento and the SFU Hub in Sebastopol.  Learn about our Barn Raising efforts here!